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Les Montys property performed in a strictly directoire style is characterised by the symmetry and the luminosity of the facades and of the interior.

This is a piece of interesting architectural elements typical of the period. We offer you to go for a walk around our park with a small chapel and an old picturesque arch behind the lake.

The court is surrounded by the ancient buildings which used to be sheds and stables. We have been struggling to restore them and we have fixed a reception hall in one of these ancient buildings.

While walking around the property, you will have a chance to see our dog Pablo, our horse Source, our mule Nanette and donkey Octave, the ponys Valseur and Surprise.
      A walk across the park
Some history
In 1414 Les Montys property was owned by Jean de Saint Aignan. The only building left from these ancient estate is an old tower. After the revolution in 1810, the property was bought by an architect from Nantes Francois-Leonard Seheult who built the actual manor in strictly directoire style. The architect had a great success in the region, and we can still admire his works, such as a house in Nantes performed in caryatides, on the Rue d’Héronnière. His descendants have emigrated to the US and Canada and some of them have lately visited our property. Les Montys property is registered in the supplementary inventory of historic monuments. Every year it welcomes the visitors for the celebration of the holiday of Patrimony in September.
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